Cocolo Ramen Opener Suffers Minor Delays In Kreuzberg

August 1, 2019|Gossip, Openings

Kreuzberg- Cocolo Ramen

cocolo ramen

Cocolo Ramen, the Kreuzberg ramen shop that has been busy transitioning into their new address across the river from their original location have had some minor setbacks. The new iteration of the shop was supposed to open their doors today, however Eatler got some pictures in off the TIP Line which reveal there may be some more work ahead of the Cocolo crew. The shots were taken yesterday afternoon and show that there is still a considerable amount of finishing touch work to be done. As of right now they delayed the opening by a few days, so we will see if they can hold to the next deadline. Mr. Eatler will keep you abreast.

Cocolo Ramen, Graeftstr. 11, Kreuzberg
@CocoloRamen, Map

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