Markthalle Neun Mounts Platform For Local Sourcing Connectivity

July 31, 2019|Gossip

Plattform Markthalle Neun


Markthalle Neun, the Kreuzberg food market has linked up with Die Gemeinschaft, a collection of socially conscious driven restaurateurs. They have created something called Markthalle Neun Plattform. The deal is that the new platform aims to facilitate connection between chefs and restaurateurs along with local farmers and producers. Essentially it will act as the supply middleman between the parties it seems. The platform has already started supplying high profile joints like the recently opened FREA, a locally inclined lunchtime cafe and undoubtedly will continue to supply the rest of the Gemeinschaft crew. Interesting to see where and how it will develop.

Plattform Marthalle Neun

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