Year Old Resto Changes Banner, Goes Neapolitan Pizza

July 30, 2019|Closings, Knocked Up

Prenzlauer Berg- MITU, Canta Napoli Pizzeria


©Adam Berry

MITU, the Italian restaurant up in Prenzlauer Berg is seemingly no more. The shop opened up a little over a year ago and had taken the place of a long time Prenzlauer Berg mainstay, Esquina. However the address was spotted on the TIP Line boasting a poster for a new establishment. Coming up next month the shop will be under the banner of Canta Napoli Pizzeria. Unclear if Canta Napoli is under a new ownership, or if it is the same crew with a change of facade. Given the current expansion of the Neapolitan pizza trend, one wonders when the market will be tapped. Time will tell.

Canta Napoli Pizzeria, Danziger Str. 35, Prenzlauer Berg
@MITU, Map

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