New Mitte Shop Marks Beginning Of High End Salad Bowl Trend

July 23, 2019|Openings

Mitte- Stadtsalat

Stadtsalat, the Hamburg based gourmet salad bowl shop is officially open in Mitte. They just released some art work over their media channels announcing the door opening. The salad bar comes accross as the newest and most pro version of the salad joint that have hit town, with Beets & Roots being their only comparable competition. Though the bowl wars have been active in town over the last couple of years, they have generally stayed focused on the Poke Bowl arena. But with the arrival of Stadtsalat we may see a start of a new high end salad bowl trend. Without a doubt the new Stadtsalat is planning on the corporate influx that is due to infuse Mitte in the next couple of years with the giant Tachales complex in construction. Can we expect to see more Stadtsalats and friends in Berlin? Mr. Eatler thinks its likely.

salad bowl

Stadtsalat, Friedrichstr. 113, Mitte, Berlin 10117

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