Future Gastro Stands Planned For Görlitzer Park Revamp

July 17, 2019|Gossip

Kreuzberg- Görlitzer Park

görlitzer park

Görlitzer Park, the notorious park at the heart of Kreuzberg has long been known as a hot bed for drug activity of all kinds. However, it seems that the park is due for an upgrade as there are plans in the works to install various food stands within the park itself, adding another of Mr. Eatler’s vices to the menu, Falafel. Its all in an effort to revamp the rep of the park and inso doing they promise that none of the stands will be beer stands. They do however hint at various coffee and falafel type institutions. Unclear exactly when or where within the park the installations will take place, but more on the story as it becomes clear.

Görlitzer Park, Kreuzberg

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