Four Berlin Food Events This Weekend For The Hungry Souls

July 12, 2019|Events

Four Berlin food events for the truly hungry, we got smoked burgers, ramen and all you can eat pizza. Here it goes!

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Coming up tonight over in Friedrichshain’s Salami Social Club we got a free pizza give away celebration for the official birthday of the shop. Fresh slices from five this afternoon until they run out! Check it out here.

Coming up tonight in Wedding, its Lino’s BBQ again. This time they are in for their Smoked Burger. Black Angus Burger *smoked and seared*, Homemade Buns, Homemade Pickles, Homemade Bacon. Check it out here.

Coming up tonight over in Friedrichshain’s Avocado Club we got a Ceviche Friday event. Three kinds of ceviche in honor of the International Ceviche Day. We got Salmon, Seafood, and Papaya. Check it out here.

Coming up tomorrow over in Kreuzberg we got an all you can eat pizza event titled Pizza ohne Ende, going down at InCibus. For nine bucks you can hit up a pizza buffet of all you can eat pies. Drinks are not included. Check it out here.

Coming up tomorrow and going through Sunday over in Kreuzberg’s Arabica, we got the closing weekend of the visiting ramen pop up, Buya Ramen. The Japanese soul food joint visited for the summer and now are returning to their native Miami to contend with Cuban Sandwiches and Trump Afficionados. Don’t go Buya, don’t go. Check it out here.

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