New Cafe Due For Opener In Former Neukölln Film Bar

July 11, 2019|Closings, Openings

Neukölln- Rock Or Bust


Rock or Bust, new cafe is on the launching pad for their new shop which is due to open up this weekend. The Neukölln address used to house the former Film Bar that shut down a while back. No word on menu offering but the spot sports a full kitchen, so hopefully this will be more gastro than pub. Filmbar had a short run in the joint after builiding it out opening and shutting with in a couple of years. Whether or not Rock or Bust will be able to turn the address around remains to be seen. More on the story as it develops.

Cafe Rock or Bust, Boddinstr. 10, Neukölln

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  1. Really? This is just another Clan money laundering spot that “changed owners” to fuck with the taxman. There’s not even any food involved. Why is it even listed?

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