Cafe Bravo Occupant Bids Farewell To Temporary Mitte Home

July 11, 2019|Gossip

Mitte- Bon Bock, Bravo at KW

cafe bravo

Cafe Bravo, the in house cafe over at Mitte’s KW modern art museum is bidding adieu to their current occupant. Since the owners of the cafe let go of the contract last winter the address has been occupied by Bon Bock a Culinary Residency. They spent the last months doing various pop ups and hosting different kinds of culinary events both for cooked cuisine as well as adult libation centered events. Time will tell what will happen with the iconic looking glass canopied Cafe Bravo, or as it is now called Bravo at KW. Bon Bock will have a going away event coming up later next week.

Bravo at KW, Auguststr. 69, Mitte
@BonBock, Map


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