Kati Roll Venture Preps For Opening Days Over In Friedrichshain

July 10, 2019|Gossip

Friedrichshain- Gupta & Sons

kati roll venture

The Kati Roll Is In!!! tomorrow at Berlin’s newest pop up project Gupta & Sons. The deal is that Gupta & Sons are going to be putting forth Berlin’s first official Kati Roll venture and the word is that if they have a solid run, we can surely expect a brick and mortar shop soon. The Kati Roll is a long awaited for Calcutta street food style wrap of an egg type naan filled with chicken and spices. They are going to be situated in the halls of Strassenbräu over in Friedrichshain for tomorrows happening. Mr. Eatler is proud of Berlin for stepping up its Indian cuisine level over the last year, and Gupta & Sons would be a fine addition.

Strassenbräu/Gupta and Sons, Neue Bahnhofstr. 30, Friedrichshain

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