Mitte Bro Bar To Open Second Mitte Location

July 10, 2019|Knocked Up

Mitte- Belushi’s

bro bar

Belushi’s the Mitte based beer and bed joint over near Rosa Luxembourg Platz is on the launching pad for a new spot over in, none other than, Mitte. They are due to open up their new bar, also titled Belushi’s over near the Friedrichstr. train station. The deal with the new joint seems to be strictly in line with their original concept, sports bar type shop with burgers and beer. The new joint will naturally cater to the Hackesher/Friedrichstr tourist contingent of backpackers and bros, but burgers and fries are non discriminatory in any case. Word is that the bro bar will open any day, but no official notice of an event to mark the occasion.

Belushi’s, Ziegelstrasse 28, Mitte
@Belushi’s, Map

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