Teutonic Resto Re-Opens On Old School Char-burg Gastro Strip

July 9, 2019|Openings

Charlottenburg- Die Eselin von A.

Die Eselin von A, German resto is reopening their doors in a new address over at an old school gastro strip in Charlottenburg, Schloßstr. The original shop was situated over at a yacht club, but with the new address comes the full time restaurant set up. They were geared to open their doors in August, but in a very rare turn of events have made it to the finish line one month early it seems. Unclear if they will have any sort of event or party to mark the occasion, but the more venerably old farty critical voices are already well acquainted with the company it seems, so if they do have an event it will likely be a very teutonic affair.

Die Eselin von A., Schloßstrasse 61, Charlottenburg
@DieEselinVonA, Map

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