Crabs, Claws and Cocktails Links Up With Neukölln Gastropub

July 9, 2019|Gossip

Neukölln- Geist Im Glas, Oyster Klub


Oyster Klub, the quickly growing seafood importer just announced a new summertime collab with the Neukölln gastropub Geist Im Glas. The deal is that they will be doing Crabs, Claws and Cocktails during the mid week for the rest of the summer. However if you hit them up starting tomorrow and through the weekend you can get a one buck oyster deal as well. The menu will consist of Lobster rolls, seafood platters, shrimps cocktail sandwiches, and ceviche. Menu by Geist Im Glas supplies by Oyster Klub. No word if this will develop into a longer term project but Mr. Eatler will keep you abreast of developments. 

Geist Im Glas, LenauStr 27, Neukölln
@OysterKlub, Map

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