Four Weekend Berlin Food Events For Summer Time Dining

July 5, 2019|Events

Berlin food weekend events, with Ramen festivities, fried sea food, yoga and naan and more. Here it goes!

berlin food

Coming up tomorrow over in Friedrichshain’s James June Sommergarten we got the Ramen Festival. Three bucks to get in with ramen stylings of every kind. Check it out here.

Coming up tomorrow over in Wedding’s Spazio Italian Bistro and Performance space we got a Cuoppo and Vino Bianco event. That means a fried sea food cornucopia along with a glass of wine for about 15 bucks. Check it out here.

Coming up over in Friedrichshain’s Michelberger Hotel we got and event titled Tandoori Hotel. The gastronomes of the house will bust out their tandoori skills and make some fresh naan to accompany some free yoga classes. Not sure what the order is here, but Mr. Eatler would start with the yoga, and move on to the naan. Or maybe just start with the naan and move onto the naan. Check it out here.

Coming up over in Neukölln’s poplular Scandinavian snack and wine shop Palsta linking up with Viniculture for a Fish N’Sips event.  We got a deep fried cod, some booze and beats at 15 bucks a pop. Check it out here.

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