Pakistani Street Fooder Is Knocked Up With XBerg Addresss

July 4, 2019|Knocked Up

Kreuzberg- Mama Shabz Cafe

Mama Shabz, the long time Pakistani street fooder is going brick and mortar with their first official shop over in Kreuzberg. The new location will be the former home of Federica Cafe that shut down a few months back. With one of the most loyal followings on the street food and markthalle scenes, Mama Shabz Cafe is bound to make an impact on the Pakistani food culture in town with more focus on traditional Pakistani cuisines and teas. But no worries for street food aficionados, there will definitely be Pakoras. No word on exactly when the shop will open its doors but the indications are an autumn opening. With Moksa opening up their doors this weekend, and Gupta & Sons launching their first Berlin pop up, and now with the addition of Mama Shabz first official shop, the Indian/Pakistani gastronomy is taking shape in town. More on Mama Shabz Cafe as it develops.

Mama Shabz Cafe, Reichenbergerstrasse 61a, Kreuzberg
@MamaShabz, Map

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