Korean BBQ Chain Drops Hints Of Imminent F-hain Opener

June 28, 2019|Knocked Up

Kreuzberg- Mmaah Korean BBQ

korean bbq

Mmaah the Korean BBQ chain that has been knocked up on a new shop over in Friedrichshain is due for an imminent opener. The new shop is the fifth address for the chain with Korean fast food shops in four other neighbourhoods. The latest itteration will take the place of the former Piri’s sandwich shop which closed down earlier this fall. The gestation process has been a long one for Mmaah but the finish line is on the horizon. No word on exactly when the shop will be open for business but they we will likely see them in action sometime soon as they are already hyping the event on their media channels. More as it develops.

Mmaah, Simon-Dach-Str.11, Friedrichshain
@Mmaah, Map

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