Michelin Star Links Up With Cordo For Collab Dinner

June 26, 2019|Gossip

Mitte- Eins Unter Null, Cordo

Eins Unter Null links up with Cordo for a collaboration four hands dinner tonight. The two Mitte shops have been part of the Mitte gastronomy firmament for quite a while. Eins, a Michelin star holder has been on the scene for about the last four years and has floated under the radar over the last year as the social conscious dining movement moves in and out of favour. Cordo, originally a straight forward wine bar, rebranded itself as a fine diner earlier this year and hasn’t had the impact on the market that their earlier iteration had. Perhaps with projects like tonights dinner it can help up the Cordo rep.

Cordo, Grosse Hamburger Str. 32, Mitte
Tue-Sat 6:30-11
@Cordo, Map

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