Egg Kneipe, Kreuzberg Egg Embassy Is Throwing In The Towel

June 26, 2019|Gossip

Neukölln- Egg Kneipe

egg embassy

Neukölln’s egg embassy Egg Kneipe is throwing in the towel.  Egg Kneipe has been winning hearts since it opened a almost two years back and has been a highly esteemed as the number one egg spot to contend with. They announced last week that they will be counting down the days as they approach their last days in the game. They will most definately end the current concept but the crew is not promising to leave gastronomy forever as they indicate they will consider and look for some more options. Sad to see the Egg Kneipe go, but you have a couple of days left before they are out. 

Egg Kneipe, Kottbusser Damm 1, Kreuzberg
Mon-Sat 12-7:30
@EggKneipe, Map

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