Big Sur Gastropub Sadly Throws In The Towel In Kreuzberg

June 25, 2019|Closings

Kreuzberg- Big Sur


Big Sur, the California style gastropub that had a roller coaster ride since they opened their shop a few years back is shutting its doors. The joint started out life a gastropub with a concept menu before changing up the program and doing some more straight forward pub cuisine.  Over the last months they have been extremely active in the Pop Up scene, linking up with a few different producers for the spring. However, it seems that the powers that be decided that it was time to let the shop go and move on to other projects. It will be sad to see Big Sur go considering it was such a present shop over the last few years of Berlin gastronomy particularly on Graefestr. Word is that a major restaurateur picked up the location, but no confirmation on that yet. More as it develops.

Big Sur, Graefestraße 11, Kreuzberg
@BigSur, Map


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  1. This is too bad – loved the place.

    Have they shut down already or is there still time for a farewell visit?

    1. Sadly there will be no event to mark the occasion

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