American Ice Cream Shop Opens Next Door To Berlin Ice Cream Favorite

June 20, 2019|Gossip, Knocked Up

Mitte- Ben & Jerry’s

Ben & Jerry’s, the famous Vermont based ice cream makers are opening up an official shop over in Mitte. The new location will be in the popular Weinbergsweg gastro strip just off of Rosenthaler Platz which happens to just a stones throw from the beloved Süsse Sünde, which can often be seen with long lines on hot Berlin days. The shop is due to open on the prophetic July 4th marking the beginning of America’s ice cream invasion. This will be the famous ice cream maker’s first German shop. Will Ben and Jerry thrive, or will they be shunned? Time will tell. Mr. Eatler is excited for that Chunky Monkey though.

Ben & Jerry’s, Weinbergsweg 24, Mitte
@Ben&Jerry’s, Map

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  1. Am I really this old to be the only one to remember that Ben&Jerry’s used to have a shop up on Kastanienallee back in 2006-8? Although the place sold bagels, you could get their ice cream by the scoop there. Hmm

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