Prenz Edition Of Ramen Shop Is Open For Business

June 19, 2019|Openings

Prenzlauer Berg- Hako Ramen

ramen shop

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The Prenzlauer Berg version of Hako Ramen, is now open. The new ramen shop on Kastanienallee has been in gestation since earlier this winter and has opened their doors in the former home of Godot that shut down earlier this fall. There has been some drama concerning the name and concept of the shop which is identical to another previous Hako Ramen in Friedrichshain. It seems that former partners made a split and the latest Hako Ramen is the newest restaurant of one of the ousted partners. Nevertheless the shop is open for business daily and despite the legal efforts of the earlier Hako Ramen edition, will maintain the Hako Ramen name and brand. No word of any sort of opening event, but Mr. Eatler will keep you abreast.

Hako Ramen? Kastanienallee 16, Prenzlauer Berg
12pm Daily
@HakoRamenBerlin, Map

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