Israeli Resto Finishes Week Of Pressers With Opening Party

June 19, 2019|Openings

Mitte- Joseph


Joseph, the new Mitte based Israeli restaurant on the facade of the new AMO Hotel is due for an opening event tonight. The restaurant which is a conceptual brainchild of a collection of restaurateurs from disparate places as Frankfurt and Jerusalem will eventually be co-opeted and officially run by the Amano Hotel Group. They’ve been having presser lunches over the last week and had an official press lunch yesterday for the Berlin gastro contingency of journalists. Tonight they are due to have an official opening party event and after that it appears that they will be in fully functional order. This is the latest in a series of Israeli run and/or owned restaurants masquerading as Mediterranean Cuisine shops and it seems as though the Berlin public enjoys the food and vibes for now. Time will tell how it thrives. As for now, a warm welcome to Joseph into the Mitte scene.

Joseph, Friedrichstr. 113, Mitte
@Joseph, Map

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