Mystery Ramen Shop Preps For Opener In Prenzlauer Berg

June 17, 2019|Gossip, Knocked Up

Prenzlauer Berg, Friedrichshain- Hako Ramen?


The new Prenzlauer Berg pretender edition of Hako Ramen, the originally Friedrichshain based ramen shop look alike, is nearing its opening days. The contested Hako Ramen shop seems to be all but identical to the Friedrichshain original, however there was some legal discrepancy as to who is the owner of the name as it is supposedly a former partner who is opening the newest iteration. It is unclear at this time if the new Prenzlauer Berg shop will indeed keep the Hako moniker in place as there is no sign for the shop at present. We will know soon enough, as judging by the lanterns and chairs in place on the terrace the Prenz edition is likely counted days from the opener. The location has been knocked up since earlier this winter which is an understandably long gestation process considering the bureaucracy surrounding something like the Berlin legal systems. More as the story develops.

Hako Ramen? Kastanienallee 16, Prenzlauer Berg
@HakoRamenBerlin, Map

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