Four Berlin Phallic Shaped Foods That Feel So Right, Right Now!

June 17, 2019|Gossip

While it may be rather sophomoric to compare delectable food items to phallic shaped symbols, there is something undeniably sensual about these five fantastic delights. Without further ado, four phallic foods you must get your mouth around this summer.

Neukölln- Al Dimashqi


According to Mr. Eatler’s none too discerning palate Al Dimashqi, the Neukölln based Shawarma shop serves up the number one Shawarma in town. Not only does Al Dimashqi sport one of the largest Chicken Skewers around, not only do they sell it out everyday, not only can you constantly rely on the quality, the secret here is they sear the whole roll in the lamb and chicken grease before they hand it over. Making this sandwich the most decadent on today’s Phallic Food Objects list.

Al Dimashqi, Reuterstr. 28, Kreuzberg
Mon-Sun 8am-12am
@AlDimashqi, Map

Mitte- Bahn Mi Stable

Bahn mi Stable, the Mitte based Vietnamese sandwich shop is a favourite for Mr. Eatler and has been on some other lists in the last couple of weeks, but when the Phallic Food Objects list was put to the challenge, Mr. Eatler couldn’t resist but to grasp on to Bahn Mi Stable’s long and strong Pork Heoh Quey Bahn Mi sandwich and not let got until he was finished. The playful interaction between the spicy mayo, the fresh roasted pork, the vinegary pickled veggies all packaged in a warm French baguette, just erupts in your mouth with love.

Bahn Mi Stable, Alte Schönhauser Str. 50, Mitte
Mon-Fri 12-6, Sat 12-5

Kreuzberg- Izmir Köfte

Izmir Köfte is on today’s list for their killer Köfte sandwich, the Turkish Baguette filled with half a dozen or so little Turkish Köfte sausages is one of the greatest sandwich combos in town. Just be careful on this one and wash up before you go home to loved ones, because you are going to smell like a Köfte kebab for days after you partake on this delight. Don’t get caught sporting that Köfte grenade when you go home to your significant other.

Izmir Köfte, Reichenbergerstr. 9, Kreuzberg
Mon-Wed 10:30am-2:30am, Thu. 2:30am-3am, Fri-Sat 10:30am-4am, Sun 11:30am-2:30am
@IzmirKöfte, Map

Neukölln- Damaskus Konditorei

Not everything is about the main course, because sometimes you just need that sweet loving. For dessert we have Damaskus Konditorei on today’s list with the Halwa b Aljobn, or what Mr. Eatler fondly refers to as The CheeseStick! The Halwa b Alijobn is a type of Semolina Cheese Dough stuffed with Sweet Cheese dredged in Rose Water Syrup with some Pistachio flakes. Not for the faint of heart or for the diabetic, The CheeseStick! AKA, Le CheCoq is perfect way to end your meal. Just be careful to wipe that Rose Water Syrup off your chin.

Damaskus Konditorei, Sonnenallee 93, Neukölln
Mon-Sat 9am-10pm, Sun 12-8pm
@DamaskuKonditorei, Map

All joking aside, these sandwiches and dessert are fucking delicious. Go Eat Them Now!!

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