Mǐ Fěn Gēng Mifen Rice Noodle Soup! The Daily Dish Is In!!

June 14, 2019|Awards

Wedding- Cozymazu

rice noodle

The Daily Dish is in over at Wedding’s Thaiwanese shop, Cozymazu. The joint has been in action for the last three years and quietly continues to win fans with their authentic offerings. For today’s Daily Dish we got the Mǐ Fěn Gēng Mifen, a rice noodle soup from the north of Taiwan, with Homemade Fish Balls, Roasted Cabbage, Salted Radish, Celery and Mu’ Er Mushrooms. Yes the weather is toasty, but take it from an old Bedouin tradition, hot liquids releave the heat, also, its nice when they are super yummy. First come first serve, available only as long as the stock lasts at about ten bucks a pop. The Daily Dish is in Wedding!! Go Eat That Now!!

Cozymazu, Sprengelstraße 39, Wedding
Tue-Fri 12-10pm, Sat-Sun 10am-10pm
@Cozymazu, Map

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