Four Reveiws In Mitte, Three Love Letters, One Stinger!!

June 13, 2019|Reviews

Restaurant reveiws of the week for the Mitte contingency, we got gourmet kebabs, Japanese authenticity, and Berghain-esque dining.

restaurant reviews

Mitte- Kebap With Attitude, the new Mitte “gourmet” kebap shop got a stinger from TIP Berlin who in their short three paragraphs railed against the shop in regards to cultural appropriation, overpriced kebabs, and the restaurateurs pedigree. Uff… this one was harsh. Check it out here.

Mitte- Neumond, the Mitte based fine diner got a write up from Cream Guides that was more of a feature for the shops new French born chef with Algerian roots. They say the shop grew leaps and bounds and it is due to the new influence. Check it out here.

Mitte- The NoName, new Mitte fine diner got a large write up from I Heart Berlin that loved the shop beyond words they said at one point. From the food to the “berghain-esque” design they enjoyed every part of the experience. Check it out here.

Mitte- Zenkichi, the Mitte based Japanese brasserie got a love letter from the highly discerning Berliner Zeitung, who got to the point rather quickly by stating how really Japanese the experience felt. From the food to the design, there was much attention to detail in the review. Check it out here.

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