Mr. Eatler’s Predictions Wrong! Joseph Is On The Launching Pad!

June 13, 2019|Gossip

Mitte- Joseph


Seems as though Mr. Eatler’s earlier predictions that time limitations may impinge on the opening of the new Amo Hotel restaurant, Joseph, may have been incorrect. It looks as if the new Mediterranean/Israeli joint which pulled in an old school Tel Aviv/Jerusalem celebrity chef is already going into some press events and will be in operation by the end of the month. The design concept for the Mediterranean trend friendly sharing restaurant is produced by two Frankfurt based fraternal restaurateurs who are the proprietors of a shop called “Ima.” They will be having some official and unofficial press events over the next days which can only mean that the restaurant will indeed be ready to roll along with the official opening of the hotel. Official opening events are inevitably due in the next weeks, but Mr. Eatler will keep you abreast.

Joseph, Friedrichstr. 113, Mitte
@Joseph, Map

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