Sudanese Street Food Rumoured In Treptow Burger Shop

June 10, 2019|Knocked Up

Treptow- Sudanese Restaurant?


Tip Line just revealed a new Sudanese shop is under way. The location of the new joint will be at the old home of a the Time’s Burger shop that shut down a while back. Not much is known about the new place other than the address and the concept. Judging by the location and the type of set up that existed at Time’s Burger, it is likely to be a midrange to street food type shop. More on the joint as it develops.

Time’s Burger, Karl Kungerstr. 16, Kreuzberg
@Time’sBurger, Map

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  1. Die Karl-Kunger-Straße ist in Treptow und nicht in Kreuzberg. Soviel Zeit muss sein.

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