Four Not-To-Miss Weekend Events Happening Across Town

June 7, 2019|Events

Weekend events: Soft Openers, Pastrami Brisket, Huevos Rancheros, and more!

weekend events

Tonight over at Schöneberg the new Bonvivant Cocktail Bistro, the veggie based resto is holding their second night of their official soft opener. All are invited with deep discounts, they are ready for the game. Check it out here.

Coming up tonight over at Wedding’s leading BBQ shop is the monthly Pastrami Friday event from Lino’s Barbecue. Pastrami Brisket, Pastrami Beef Ribs, Pastrami Pork Ribs. Homemade Pastrami Sausages. Pastrami Sandwiches. Check it out here.

Tomorrow morning over in Friedrichshain we got a Mexican family breakfast event over at the Machete II. Huevos Ranchers, Breakfast Burritos and Pancakes. Check it out here.

Sunday over in Kreuzberg’s Wagner Cocktail Bistro we got a Gigi’s Greek Grill event. Their sous chef is going to be taking over the terrace to create some of their cultural cuisine. Check it out here.

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