Veggie Cocktail Bistro Opens Doors In Schöneberg

June 6, 2019|Openings

Schöneberg- Bonvivant


Bonvivant Cocktail Bistro, new Cocktail shop/gastropub over in Schöneberg opened their doors yesterday to the public and hosted a quasi softy/friend and family event of sorts. Given that the temperature soared beyond acceptable limits, most of yesterday’s action was either on the terrace or in the kitchen of the shop. The new restaurant which specializes in a veggie menu combined with a complete high end cocktail program had been quietly under construction for the last few months, dropping only very little info onto the scene. But with some popular names behind the project like one of the TISK owners as well as the former head chef from the Cosmo Hotel, they are getting an early buzz. No word on any thing official as of yet, but the service seems to running out of the kitchen even though business hours are not yet determined. More as it becomes clear.

Bonvivant, Goltzstraße 32., Schöneberg, Berlin 10781
@Bonvivant, Map

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