Balkan Wine Shop Mounts Summertime Kitchen Project

June 5, 2019|Gossip, Knocked Up

Prenzlauer Berg- Samovino


Samovino, the Serbian wine shop that has had its hand in numerous Balkan establishments including the popular restaurant Kafana, that closed down last summer, is endeavouring on an interesting path. The Samovino/Kafana contingency was ousted from their home in Wilmersdorf is due to the unfortunate Berlin plague of un-copacetic neighbours. It seems as though the wine sellers are going to be putting their Mauerpark kitchen to use some time soon. The information is still a little soft, however it looks like they will be enacting something similar to their former Kafana Balkan restaurant, with an al fresco terrace feel. No official dates or address on the joint, but more on the story as it develops.

Samovino, Mauerpark, Prenzluaer Berg, 
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