Secret Location For Bite Club’s Newest Venture, (Wedding?)

June 4, 2019|Gossip

Wedding?- Bite Club

street food market

Bite Club, the summer time and sometimes winter time street food market and festival has been a major player of the Berlin street food scene over the last years. They have had a hand in sprouting neumerous restaurateurs out of their rank and file with their mainstay location over at Friedrichshain’s ARENA Badeschif. However, given to flights of fancy, Bite Club has been known to venture outside of their normal riverside location and sprout up in different locations.  A couple of winters back they held their Christmas time winter market over at Mitte’s high brow Quartier 206. Now, however, they are hatching a plan on a new, yet secret location for the popular street food conference. Word is the location will be in the Wedding/Gesundbrunnen region of town, which is a wholly different type of location from what we are used to seeing from the Bite Club crew. More details on BC’s ventures as they develop.

Bite Club, Wedding?


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