Weekend Police Shutdown Of Vendors At Thai Park Wilmersdorf

June 3, 2019|Gossip

Wilmersdorf- Thai Park


Thai Park, the Wilmersdorf park by the official name of Preussenpark that has been all but erased from memory for its new Thai moniker, saw some shutdown action this weekend. The long contested park has been both the joy and alternatively the pain of Berliners and locals as it has been the site of a growing number of street food vendors who operate in the park as sellers through some bureaucracy loop holes. Technically they aren’t allowed to sell their goods at the park, however as long as the vendors havn’t built any sort of structure, they are just out for the proverbial “barbecue.” There has been a long ongoing saga regarding the legal fate of the popular food destination that has won both praise and admonishment from locals and neighbours. However this Saturday we saw the park get shut down by a couple of police squads as they stopped any vendors from setting up their wares. Reports have it though that Sunday the park was back in action. Seems as if the vendors live to see another day. More on Thai Park as it comes in.

Thai Park, Brandenburgische Strasse, Wilmersdorf, Berlin 10707 
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