Summer Long Secret Pop Up Welcomes Back Berlin Fine Diner

June 3, 2019|Openings

Mitte- For Now


FORNOW, the new summer long secret dinner pop up from fine diner head chef Victoria Eliasdottir, had their opening weekend. The fine diner head chef with the long Berlin history with her short lived but much loved restaurant, Dottir, had taken a year away from town and had gone to set up some endeavours in her home country of Iceland. However this summer long return has many gastronomes in town chomping at the bit with the hope of getting their lips around some of those familiar menu offerings. By all accounts the outing was a success as they plan to continue the project into the summer months. Currently the dates on the future of FORNOW are unknown, but Berlin is waiting on bated breath for Eliasdottir to drop the schedule for the next secret dinner.

For Now, Mitte, Berlin 10115
@ForNow, Secret Location?

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