Five Events To Hit Up This Weekend In Neukölln, Kreuz & More

May 31, 2019|Events

Weekend events: Spanish Omelettes, Surf and Turf and Tostones, Beer Paired Dinner and more!

weekend events

Coming up tonight over in Kreuzberg we got Motif Wein hosting Potente for a Potente Casual a Spanish casual dinner and party experience. Tortilla Española, Spanish omelette stuffed with potatoes and onion, Spanish natural wine and vibes are the main characters. Check it out here.

Coming up tomorrow over at Charlottenburg we got Sweet Jane cup cake shop playing host to a Mar Y Tiera Con Bolitos Y Tostones event. That translates to Surf and Turf with fried Bananas. Check it out here.

Coming up on Sunday we got Twinpigs hosting Ma-Makan over in Neukölln. After a long winter break Ma-Makan, the Malaysian pop up will be doing their national dish, Nasi Lemak a traditional hawker stall dish which comprises of a variation of coconut rice, fried crispy anchovies, roasted peanuts, an egg, sliced cucumber and most importantly a house made spicy sambal sauce. Check it out here.

Coming up on Sunday we got Barra over in Neukölln linking up with Berliner Berg for a Pairing Dinner. About 40 bucks for a multi course dinner paired with some of Berliner Bergs stylings. Check it out here.

Coming up on Sunday we got the Le Sunday Roast hosted by Lipopette in Neukölln. Featuring: Slow Cooked Meat, Thick Gravy, home made Yorkshire Pudding, Fresh Greens and a healthy dose of Brexit Jokes! Check it out here.

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