Brewhouse And Dumpling Popper Link Up For New Resto

May 30, 2019|Openings

Neukölln- Han West, Brauhaus Neulich


Han West, new dumpling shop over in Neukölln that has been in the soft opening phase for the last couple of weeks is due for their official opener event coming up this weekend. They are going to be opening up shop in conjunction with popular brewhouse, Brauhaus Neulich. The deal with the street food joint that has had its roots as a pop upper is that they specialize in bringing gua baos and a variety of traditional dumplings to the Berlin gastro scene. This is their first brick and mortar shop after a few years in the Berlin game, spending time in various festivals and Markthalls. The official event will include some menu items and some booze for the party and will provide some vegan and veggie options as well. Currently they are only working Thursdays through Sundays but time and popularity will tell whether they will

Han West, Selchowerstr. 20, Neukölln, Berlin 12049
@HanWest, Map

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