Berlin Bureaucracy Attacks Again In Kreuzberg Resto/Shop

May 30, 2019|Gossip

Kreuzberg- Barkin’Kitchen


Berlin Bureaucracy

Barkin’Kitchen the communications and event agency/prep kitchen resto has been facing some apparent Berlin Bureaucracy Issues. The shop which has been open for about two years over in Kreuzberg has their main emphasis on food & beverage, and has been part of numerous events and popups including their most publicized event, last year’s ChinaChinaTown. Recently they posted a letter in their shop window illustrating their bureaucracy problems that take the shape of some neighbour complaint. Apparently there is an issue with the shop’s kitchen production setup and their litigious neighbours have forced the shop to try and see what kind of offering they can do without a full kitchen. Their doors remain open, but the future of the shop is in question. More on the story as it develops.

Barkin’Kitchen, Glogauerstr. 7, Kreuzberg, Berlin 10999
@Barkin’Kitchen, Map

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