Canadian Poutine Shop Launches Crowd Sourcing Campaign

May 29, 2019|Gossip

Moabit- The Poutine Kitchen

canadian poutine

Canadian Poutine joint, Poutine Kitchen, that opened up a year ago over at Arminius Halle has launched a crowd sourcing campaign to keep the shop online. The deal with the shop is that they do a typical Quebec style dish by the name of Poutine, a French Fries with Cheese Curd and Gravy. The relatively new joint/food truck has had a successful year with a solid Canadophile following, but needs a little help to cover the nugget from some unexpected expenditures. While they state that the shop has been stable and is growing, its always these hidden costs that come up behind you and give you a jump. Whether or not they shop needs to change the platform in order to grow, or simply hold firm remains to be seen.

Poutine Kitchen, Arminiusstraße 2-4, Moabit, Berlin 10551
Mon-Wed 12-9pm, Thur-Sun 12-10pm
@PoutineKitchen, Map

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