French Style Chinese Fine Dining Is In For The Daily Dish!!

May 28, 2019|Awards

Charlottenburg- Golden Phoenix

chinese fine dining

The Daily Dish is in over at Golden Phoenix in Charlottenburg courtesy of the KantstrassenMafia Don, The Duc Ngo. The Franco style Chinese fine dining has been winning hearts and pallets with their creative offerings for the last few years and continues doing so with their lustful menu. For today’s daily dish we got the Sea Bass Tartar with Imperial Caviar and lemon, chive garnish topped with a Yuzu Crème Fraîche, with Hazelnuts, and Chilli. This bad boy is up for grabs at about twenty five bucks a pop. The daily dish is in Charlottenburg!! Go Eat That Now!

Golden Phoenix, Brandenburgischestr. 21, Charlottenburg, 10707
Tues-Sat 6-11pm
@GoldenPhoenix, Map

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