Berlin Pizza Shop Clinches A Number One Spot In Germany

May 27, 2019|Awards

Neukölln- Gazzo Pizza

berlin pizza

Gazzo Pizza, the one year old sourdough pizza shop situated in Neukölln won some well deserved plaudits from the well known 50Top review site. Naturally the 50Top category was in the pizza edition, and Gazzo was particularly singled out as a top ten pizza shop in Europe and a number one pizza shop in Germany. Given the exponentially growing Neapolitan Berlin pizza trend in town, this is no small feat for the young restaurant. With more than a dozen or so Neapolitan pizza shops opening up in Berlin over the last year, one wonders how the rest of the competition feels. For now there is an official leader in town, but lets see if there are any challengers that are willing to pick up the pizza gauntlet.

Gazzo Pizza, Hobrechtstraße 57, Neukölln, Berlin 12047
Mon-Fri 10am-5pm, Sat-Sun 12pm-10pm
@GazzoPizza, Map

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