Dumpling Shop Announces Grand Opening In Neukölln

May 21, 2019|Openings

Neukölln- Han West

han westHan West, new dumpling shop over in Neukölln is due for an official opening coming up early next month. The deal with the new joint is that they are a two year old street fooder and popper that has gone brick and mortar for the first time. They offer a combination of a variety of Asian dumplings mixed with the “modern art of street food.” In the past they have done traditional dumplings as well as Gua Baos and the new offering at the restaurant will be a bit more expanded with some standard options as well as vegan and vegetarian offerings as well. They will have an official event to launch the opening, but it looks as if they will already have their doors open this weekend.

Han West, Selchowerstr. 20, Neukölln, Berlin 12049
@HanWest, Map

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