7 Gastronomy Events To Hit Up In: Mitte, Kreuz, Wed. & Neukölln

May 20, 2019|Events

Events Of The Week: Craft Beer & Laughs, Street Food Curry Wurst, Vegan Tacos, Taiwanese Globe Trotters & More!


Taiwan meets Neukölln Confit de Canard!

Coming up tonight over in The Castle Friedrichshain we got the largest selection of craft beer in Berlin accompanied by some laughs as The Castle hosts Jesters, one of the leading standup nights in town. Word is there may be some more surprises other than laughs and brew. Check it out here.

Coming up tomorrow over at the popular Kreuzberg host, Kauz und Kiebitz ,we got a Curry Wurst event. They hold their weekly street food event and will be featuring the very special street food as representative of Berlin as the Brandenburg Gate, and a whole lot tastier as well. Check it out here.

Coming up tomorrow over at Kreuzberg‘s Mexican flag barer we got La Lucha we got a Vegan Tuesday event. Yes they will have tacos, yes they will have more than that. Check it out here.

Coming up on Wednesday we got a Free Pizza and Shots event over at Mitte‘s leading comedy night hosted by Cosmic Comedy. Ten bucks per ticket, you pay for the laughs, pizza is a bonus. Check it out here.

Coming up on Thursday over in Kreuzberg‘s Hallesches Haus we got a Bahadur Tandoori Pop Up. Hallesches will host their favorite West Berlin Indian restaurant from all the way over in Wilmersdorf. If you don’t get out that way much they will offer some of their authentic north Indian cuisine. Check it out here.

Coming up on Thursday over in Wedding Baldon is hosting a chef for one night that will be doing a full menu of Lao cuisine. They promise things will get spicy on the plate and hot in the room, so be prepared. 45 bucks a pop for this one. Check it out here.

Coming up on Thursday over in Neukölln, Tamper Meets Jigger, one year old cocktail bar will be hosting a Taiwan Meets Neukölln event. The deal is that three Taiwanese food enthusiast who have travelled the globe will be bringing their various flavours and combining it in Taiwanese cooking methods to produce some Taiwanese cuisine with a French/Mediterranean twist. Check it out here.

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