Reviews Of The Week: Sugar Coats To Acerbic Assholery!

May 15, 2019|Reviews

The reviews of the week are here, they are a mixed bag of positive, negative and overall assholery. Here it goes.

reviewsMitte- The NoName, the new Mitte based fine diner that opened up a couple of months back got a write up from TIP Berlin. The write up was a mixed bag, complaining about he prix fix style, comparing one dish to a former Raue standard, and pointing out a strain of sexism in the shop, because everything other than the actual restaurant is important in this review. Stinger. Check it out here.

Mitte- Eins Unter Null, the fine diner that opened up a couple of years back in Mitte got a write up at Cream Guides. The deal was that a while back Eins Unter Null reopened the shop after a short break with a new head chef. Naturally this was a positive review as Cream focuses on the full half of the plate. Check it out here.

Kreuzberg- Beba, the new Gropius Bau Museum resto that opened up a couple of months back, got a stinger from Berliner Zeitung. Naturally there was the needless couple of paragraphs of the writers useless pontification, but then when they got down to business they concluded that the skill at Beba is lacking. Check it out here.

Charlottenburg- Savu, the young Finish fine diner that recently got nominated over by the old farts at Berliner Meisterköcher, got a write up from ExBerliner. Basically they said the restaurant was good, but needed to actively condescend to the shop, because saying is something is just good with out ironic insults is just not “cool” enough. Check it out here.

Stay tuned for next week’s reviews on the Review Rundown!

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