Swedish Chain Tapas Restaurant Due For Opener In Char-burg

May 15, 2019|Openings

Charlottenburg- Pincho Nation

pincho nationPincho Nation, a Swedish based chain restaurant with over sixty locations in northern Europe is due for a new opening over in Charlottenburg later this month. The deal with this restaurant is that they do an epcott like program where they offer snacks from all the world’s kitchens. The menu includes a mix of burgers, dumplings and paella, with various desserts and a cocktail program. The artwork available lend the location a circus kind of appeal offering a highly curated type of corporate experience. Time will tell how Berlin will react, but the shop is just off of KuDamm, where that type of establishment might fare rather well. More on the story as it develops.

Pincho Nation, Meinekestr. 22, Charlottenburg, Berlin 10719
@pinchonationdk, Map

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