Newly Mounted PopUp Provides Sabich In Friedrichshain

May 14, 2019|Openings

Friedrichshain- Melekh

melekhMelekh, a new Pop up opened up last week over near Friedrichshain’s Boxhagener Platz. The deal with the new project is that they do an Israeli Fusion Kitchen in combination with Weekly art Exhibitions accompanied by some vinyl playing DJs. The offering specializes in Israeli type food, doing a currently popular dish called Arais, but more importantly, and perhaps more uniquely they offer a sandwich called Sabich. Mr. Eatler has long awaited the rise of this unique sandwich to catch on in Berlin. Perhaps this PopUp is the entrepreneur to make it happen.  Currently they are online during the weekends, but undoubtedly, should that prove to develop a cult following, Mr. Eatler bets we will see more of their product.

Melekh, Grünberger Straße 79, Friedrichshain, Berlin 10247
Sat-Sun 12-8
@MelekhPopUp, Map

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