F-Hain Pizza Shop Stakes Flag In New Kreuzberg Endeavour

May 13, 2019|Openings

Kreuzberg- Zerostress Pizza, The Winery

zerostress pizza

Zerostress Pizza, the four year old pizza shop over in Friedrichshain is reaching out and planting a flag over in Kreuzberg. The deal with the new endeavour is that Zerostress is linking up with The Winery to create a new address for the popular pizza offering. They are open as of now but will be having an official opening party coming up later this week with some booze and a free buffet. The event is sponsored by something called RBL Crowdfunding, which seems to be gastro friendly startup of sorts which poses itself as a community of likeminded entrepeneurs. Something to keep your eyes on in the future. Party will go down on Friday, more on the story should it develop.

Zerostress Pizza/The Winery, Lausitzer Platz 10, Berlin Kreuzberg, 10997

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