Pre-Opener Press Party For Friedrichshain Thai Restaurant

May 10, 2019|Openings

Umami Friedrichshain

umami friedrichshain

Umami Friedrichshain, the new member of the Umami family, had their who’s who press party two nights ago over at their new address in Friedrichshain. The new restaurant’s party was well attended by the Public Relations Carbon Copy contingency and even had an actual red carpet and velvet rope for the event. Pretty ambitious for a Friedrichshain shop, but baby steps are the measure of progress. They will be open to the public starting today and will naturally be doing some specialty offers for the opening week including a revolving grand opening menu that will feature a different special every day. An official grand opening party to follow. With shops in nearly ever “cool” Bezirk, what will be next for the Umami brand?

Umami Friedrichshain, Sonntagstr. 8, Berlin Friedrichshain, 10245
12pm-12am, Weekend 12pm-3am
@umami f-hain, map

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