Five Daily Dishes To Try In Berlin This May

May 7, 2019|Awards

Mitte, Moabit, Prenzlauer Berg- Chicago Williams, Pound & Pence, Tenzan Lab, To The Bone, Hirsch und Eber

The Daily Dishes are in!! Five highlight dishes to try this May for meat lovers, sweet lovers and even spargel zeiters! Here is the Daily Dishes rundown.

Mitte- Chicago Williams

chicago williamsThe Daily Dish is in over at Mitte‘s good-time barbecue shop with the most solid Daily Dish record of all: Chicago Williams. Read More

Moabit- Pound & Pence

pound & penceThe Daily Dish is in over at Pound & Pence, the Arminius Markthalle burger stall over in Moabit. In honour Spargel Zeit all of Berlin has been going wild for the euphemistically phallic vegetable. Read More

Prenzlauer Berg- Tenzan Lab

tenzan labThe Daily Dish is in over at Tenzan Lab, the Japanese ice cream shop up in Prenzlauer Berg. For today’s dish we got the Sake Kasu Kakigori. Read More

Mitte- To The Bone

to the boneThe Daily Dish is in from Mitte’s meat centric Italian connoisseur To The Bone. For today’s Daily Dish we got the Agnolotti, Traditional Piedmontese Ravioli in Truffle Butter, filled with Tongue, Prosciutto and Parmesan. Read More

Prenzlauer Berg- Hirsch und Eber

hirsch und eberThe Daily Dish is in over at the Prenzlauer Berg locally wild meat purveyors Hirsch und Eber. For today’s dish we got a Hirsch und Eber’s take on the classic Berlin curry wurst titled the Wilde Currywurst. Read More

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