Eight Berlin Restaurant Due For Imminent Openings

May 7, 2019|Knocked Up

Friedrichshain, Mitte, Kreuzberg, Neukölln, Charlottenburg- Umami, Pique Nique, Mmaah Korean BBQ, Rote Laterne, Moksa, Pho am Zoo, Paran, Udon & Gyoza, JABE

Berlin restaurant openings season is among us and with Berlin quickly growing in to its form as a rather angry butterfly, it seems that this butterfly has an insatiable appetite for killer cuisine of any and all genres. Here is the Monthly Knocked Up Report!

Friedrichshain- Umami

Umami, the newest shop for the Indochine chain of restaurants that have opened numerous locations across town over the last couple of years has announced the official dates for the opening of the new Friedrichshain location. Read Moreumami

Kreuzberg- Pique-Nique

Pique-Nique, new plant based soul food shop is under wraps over in Kreuzberg. The new shop was spotted on the TIP Line this past weekend and was apparently the brick and mortar iteration of a three year old food truck and caterer by the name of “Le Pique Nique.” However, it is not so. Read More


Kreuzberg- Mmaah Korean BBQ

Mmaah the quickly spreading Berlin based Korean BBQ chain just announced that they are going to be opening their fifth address in Berlin. With their first three locations in Schönberg, Treptow and Neukölln they opened up their newest spot in Kreuzberg… Read More

Kreuzberg- Rote Laterne

Rote Laterne, new Chinese restaurant specializing in skewers and dumplings is due for an imminent opening over in Kruezberg’s Oranien Strasse. Read More

rote laterne

Kreuzberg- Moksa

Moksa, the nontraditional  Indian street food purveyor had sneak peek on their new shop situated over in Kreuzberg. Read More


Charlottenburg- PHO at the zoo

Exclusive update  on the latest developments from the  PHO Noodlebar  family who revealed to them a couple of weeks back they are working on a new shop in the shadows of Zoologischer Garten. Read More

pho at the zoo


Neukölln- Paran Korean Cuisine

Paran Korean Cuisine, new shop is knocked up over in Neukölln. Not much is currently known about the shop, but without a doubt they will be doing Korean Cuisine. Read More

paran korean cuisine

Mitte- JABE, Udon & Gyoza

Word on the street is that the estimated opening dates are out for JABE, a new Mitte based Izakaya. Read More


Stay tuned for updates on Berlin Restaurant Openings on Eatler’s daily, up to the minute restaurant news feed.  


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