Mitte Izakaya Due To Be Opening Doors Later This Week

May 6, 2019|Openings

Mitte- Udon & Gyoza

udon & gyozaUdon & Gyoza, new Mitte based Izakaya is due for a re-opening later this week. The new shop, which is labeled as an Izakaya started out its life as a temporary pop up under the name original name of Udon & Gyoza, earlier this fall and shutdown a couple of months ago in order to undergo construction for its official shape. Unclear if they are officially open coming up later this week or if they are in some sort of soft opening, but undoubtedly they will have an opening event to mark the occasion of the new place. The new shop will eventually become known as JABE once the final metamorphosis is finished. This shop comes from the Royals and Rice/Sons of Mana family and will be doing a full menu of cooked cuisine as long as some temari sushi. More on the story as it develops.

Alte Schönhauser Str. 7-8Facebook

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