Plant Based Soul Food Draws Confusing Comparison In Kreuz

May 6, 2019|Knocked Up

Kreuzberg- Pique-Nique

pique-nique Pique-Nique, new plant based soul food shop is under wraps over in Kreuzberg. The new shop was spotted on the TIP Line this past weekend and was apparently the brick and mortar iteration of a three year old food truck and caterer by the name of “Le Pique Nique.” However, it is not so.  Apparently the new shop has nothing to do with the Friedrichshain based food truck by the almost identical name. As there is no media for the new brick and mortar address, and they are under wraps, there is very little known about the mysterious soulfood maker. More on the story as it develops.

Falkenstein Strasse,

Here is the media for Le Pique Nique: Facebook

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